Mission Trip1 “reunion in the wild”-intro

Mission Trip1 “reunion in the wild”-intro
March 25, 2016 curious3301
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I was quite surprised when my friends from London told me that they are coming to Korea Before I leave for world travel.

From this excitement I decided to make a plan to make them experience the most memorable moments to carry with them.

For a safety reason and for a little adventure, I will have to go and visit a place called Gangwondo every weekend to check the route and to install some necessary items that will be used along the journey.

Even though this is a surprise event for them, I still had to ask some basic questions if they are willing to let me guide them for 3 days straight during their stay in Korea. They agreed and the planning begun.

Although it is a rough plan; some minor changes will occur after checking out all the route and campsites while I’m on it for the next video blog on preparation.


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